Comboni Feast in Yirol Parish

In small town of Yirol, Comboni Missionaries are very well known. It is here where, thanks to them, thousands of children can finish their primary education in three primary schools; St. Daniel Comboni Primary School, Holy Cross Primary School and Primary School of accelerated learning program (ALP).  That is why the big celebration, like Comboni Feast cannot be somewhere else, but in the school.

On Sunday the 7th, our big celebration took place in St. Daniel Comboni Primary School where we gathered more than two thousands pupils, parents and invited guests. One week before the celebrations, schools, groups and different classes were preparing presentations for that event. They were very excited now to present what they prepared as best as possible. We started our celebration at 4 pm when the sun went a bit down and guests of honor had arrived. We could take part in songs, dances, cultural dances and dramas, everything prepared by our students and the invited schools.

Main celebration took place on 10th of October, being united with all Comboni Missionaries in the world and all South Sudan, the ground with his footprints. The morning rain didn’t disturb the students to gather in the school and march through the town of Yirol. Three our schools from town marched to the church where we could praise and thanks God for life of st. Daniel Comboni, his work and his missionaries. Thanks to the missionaries young people could start and finish education, today many of them working in different parts of South Sudan and not only.

In the evening, we gathered in Holy Cross Primary School where we could again have fun together. This week brought us a lot of joy, sharing our gifts and faith. Children from the schools could have also their community day, sharing food and time together. It was good day. The children could eat as much as possible. They were leaving compound of the school with the big smile.

We want to share our joy with you through photos and video. Stay with us.


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