Comboni Cup and lots of emotions

It is last few weeks where the Primary Schools and Secondary Schools were competing with one another playing volleyball and football to know, which is the best team, worthy to receive Comboni Cup. At last we came to the finals and last two days we had opportunity to experience big games. On the 23 we could see teams of the primary schools, first in volleyball of the girls; Holy Cross Primary School defeated Yirol Girls Primary School. The same in football boys; Holy Cross Primary School defeated Hope Primary School, 1:0. We could only imagine which emotions that game brought and which disappointments we could see from the defeated teams.

On the 24th we went to the higher level of the game, it was time for Secondary Schools. On one side Standard High School defeated Panakar Secondary School and on the other big boys of Yirol Academy defeated Panakar Secondary School. Both teams were playing very well finishing the game 0:0. Only the penalties showed us the winner. There we could see a lot of skills, a bit of luck and few mistakes.

We are very grateful to all participants that we could meet together, united, making the competition with peaceful environment. It is here where we learn how to win and how to lose, how to have respect for each other and how to spend this time with happiness.

It is thanks to st. Daniel Comboni that we could still prolonged the previous celebration and still remember that grate missionary who was walking on that land, bringing people to the Kingdom of God and liberating the slaves. May these days remain with us refilling our hearts with peace, love and unity.


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