Inauguration of the Church and the Primary School in Matbar

Last Thursday for the comboni missionaries was very important day because it was “evaluation” of the work done by them in Matbar village and in Geng-Geng County. People of Matbar remember the time when the fathers started first buildings, Chapel and Classrooms for the Primary School. Then followed drilled borehole given for the use of the School and the Chapel. It was in that moment when the people started to come back to Matbar and populate that region.

The day started from the preparation for the feast. Women were preparing food, children playing volleyball and dancing, youth set the sound system. The village could feel that something good is going to happened and that they have to be a part of that events. Afternoon we were waiting for the invited guests; minister of Education, Minister of Physical Infrastructure Abraham Majak Makur, Commissioner of Matbar, Joseph Mabor and many others.

We started our celebration in the Chapel where fr. Christopher, comboni missionary opened the celebration with the prayer and solemn blessing. He emphasized that comboni missionaries are always working in the fields of evangelization and education. First is God who is inviting his children to teach them, to show them the right ways, to teach them how to discern between good and bad. This is everything done in the temple of God, the place where we can come, find shelter, to meet God and to talk to Him. Here He will be our teacher; here He will talk to us. But temple is losing his meaning when is empty; there are people who make the church alive giving its meaning. Second place of human development and learning place is the school. It is there where the young generation can learn the skills for life and self-sufficiency to be able to support their families in the future, building better society.

After the prayers we moved to the main square where we started main speeches of the invited guests. There were a lot of expressions of the gratitude for Catholic Church and its involvement in development in this very young country.

We finished all the celebrations with good food and all night party.


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