Workshop for the Youths – Peace, Justice and Leadership

The situation of South Sudan is very difficult today. Still many young people can experience violence, oppression and human right violations. After so many years of violence, youths need a lot of help to learn how to have respect for one another, how to have respect for their leaders, how to lead healthy conversations or discussions. They have to learn how to love, forgive and serve for common good to avoid individualism and selfish attitudes.

The workshops should help young people to understand themselves, to heal their wounds of violence and war. It should help young people to become leaders in that way, that they become people working for common good and voice of peace.

We as the Justice and Peace Committee want to prepare our youths to be good leaders so they can build the country promoting peace, justice and reconciliation. We know that we need time and after one day we cannot expect much, but it is important to begin.

On 7thof December, Justice and Peace Committee of Yirol Parish organized one day workshop in the Holy Cross Primary School, inviting youths of the parish to learn and discuss important for them issues. During this day we had opportunity to hear from our facilitator Mou Magok about the trauma healing, inviting young people to see their life and behavior to recognize the wounds of war and to heal them. Then we could hear introduction and get basic knowledge about Justice, Peace and Leadership. At the end of our program the youth were divided into 4 groups, where there were given to them two questions; Which are challenges facing youths in our community and Which are solutions to these challenges.

At the end we received the report of the four groups:

Some of the challenges they pointed:

  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of education
  • unemployment
  • corruption
  • greed among youths
  • tribalism
  • cattle raiding
  • insecurity
  • alcoholism
  • sexual violence
  • early marriage
  • forced marriage
  • lack of social support

Some of the solutions they pointed:

  • equal distribution of resources
  • respect for human rights
  • dialogue
  • avoid discrimination
  • reconciliation
  • avoid cattle raiding
  • avoid force marriage and give right to the youth to marry who he wants
  • create friendship among youths to avoid conflicts
  • government should provide good security
  • cattle riding should be stopped through preaching peace and love
  • the youths should be informed more about deadly diseases
  • tribalism should be stopped through empowering people

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