Parish History

The Diocese of Rumbek started its activities in Yirol in November 1991. Yirol is a small town in Yirol West County in Lakes State, a state in the middle of the Republic of South Sudan. The Comboni missionaries who following the steps of their founder St Daniel, were working there had to leave Yirol during the military occupation from the North (April 1992 – May 1997) and then resumed their support from Mapuordit. In 1999, the mission of Yirol was fully reopened as Holy Cross Parish.

Father Parlade Escobar Jose Xavier, a Spaniard, was the first Comboni missionary to settle in yirol in 2002. Being the parish priest, he worked together with Fr. Benjamin Madhol, a diocesan priest. In 2008, arrived Fr. Titus Makhoka, a comboni missionary form Kenya. He dedicated himself to the pastoral especially with youth and women groups. After three years of service he was transferred to the community of Mapuordit. Fr. Fernando Colombo mccj joined both Fathers in 2007 and became the superior of the community until mid-2011 when he was appointed responsible of the Pastoral, Liturgical and Catechetical center of the diocese in Rumbek. He inspired the community in its prayer life and pastoral care. In 2009, the big Holy Cross Church was inaugurated. The same year, came Fr. David Octavio, mccj, who became the superior of the community after Fr. Fernando Colombo. Late Fr. Hector Ayon has been an active member of the community of Yirol from august 2011 to 2014. At the beginning of 2012, Fr. Antoine joined the religious community and was appointed its bursar. He served as administrator of the three parish school and principal of one of them. In 2012 came the scholastic Gilingere Cornelio Lwanga. The community had the pleasure to journey with him until his ordination in july 2015. In the meantime, arrived also Fr. Girardi Giovanni and in 2014 Fr. Tacuri Samaniego Pedro and Br. Pomykacz Jacek. Lastly Father Boris Ketemepi in march 2015 and Father Krzysztof Zebik in August 2018.